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Feral is purpose-built to complement existing creative and technical teams at ad agencies, startups, and companies large and small. Whether it be overflow work, internal tools, prototype apps, or projects that are outside your focus area, clients around the world rely on us to get the job done when their teams are overworked or out of their element.

With our technical and creative backgrounds, we blend seamlessly with your teams. Due to a shared brain defect from birth, we can think just like you, and we can make sure that thinking is reflected in every aspect of a project.

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Our lack of any sort of operational dogmas, combined with our unique ability to create them on the fly when necessary, makes us able to work in varying team environments, or on our own with minimal oversight. For more about us, our history, and how Feral came to be, visit our About page.

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For a more thorough explanation of our services, work, and approach, check out our Process Page. TL;DR is where you'll find our find our thinking on a variety of subjects.

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For new business inquiries, email me at sterling weareferal. See also Chav, Bogun , Trailer Trash Known for their prowess at stealing cars and their utter disregard of birth control options.

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In addition to an extremely high swear-word vocabulary, their children have constantly running noses, dirty faces and unkempt hair. Furry artwork that is not anthro. Feral furry art is furry art drawn to look more like the actual animal. Versus anthro which is an animal with human characteristics. Person or persons with tendency's towards relaxed freedom of thought, bathing and other hygenic habits. A frequent desire to travel and seek less socially acceptable avenues of societal behaviour.

Feral | Definition of Feral by Lexico

Occasionally seen walking mangy dogs but mostly heard talking in groups about acid and other trancendental mind blowing drugs. Many of my friends.

follow Unkempt , Unruly , Unmanagable child. When a child is left to their own devices too often they can be described as feral. They refuse to respond to the most simple command and can often be found in the neighbour but one's back yard , generally trying to playfully strangle the cat. A feral child has a tendence to appear unkempt, wear ill fitting clothes usually of pastel colours.

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Can quite often be the child of a bogan. Ferals do it better!