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It makes several nods to The Scarlet Letter and The Handmaid's Tale —and better understands its villains and their behavior. I hate to break it to everyone, but Margaret Atwood is not feminism's god, and The Handmaid's Tale is not a religious text. If I must attach labels to myself, feminist would be one of them, and I'll say and think whatever I damn well please. And as a feminist, I hate how one-dimensional the men are in this book, just as much as I hate how one-dimensional women are in far more books, TV shows, and movies. Deal with it. Or don't.

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View all 67 comments. This is about bodily autonomy.

This is a medical procedure and pregnancy is a risky condition, it can cause death. Every woman has the right to decide whether or not they want to take that risk. No law is forcing them have vasectomies, or even denying them their bonner pills. Sleeveless women? My stars and garters! So, this Russia thing Am I right? Original review written in 2o WARNING: This review is being written after I worked a 13 hour day, with another one on the horizon tomorrow, and a glass of wine and while watching the Rachel Maddow show.

Current events have put this book on the forefront of my mind, and damn it I got to get this out. I have never written a review on The Handmaid's Tale because I love the book, and it is so hard to write about a book you love. Ehh, what the hell. OfFred was a normal everyday woman with a career, a name, a life like all women have come to expect and take for granted in this age. When the Religious Right came into power, they began to put into practice their insane beliefs which strip women of their identity, their rights, their body, their very name.

Women are to be called Of whatever asshat they belong to , instead of, say Beatrix. Reproduction is an issue because all the toxins in the environment have rendered many women infertile. Oh, come on! This book was written in , FYI.

Margaret Atwood: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale is being read very differently now’

I thought it was scary and sort of possible when I first read it, but farfetched. Never would it be allowed to happen here, we are too educated. Mostly PP provides healthcare to women who wouldn't get it otherwise……….. Birth control??????? Did I wake up in ? Am I stuck in a Atwood novel? Even they are asking WTF? The United States has officially shat the bed. Few foresaw it, but in hindsight, it was coming down the road for a very long time. See, our founding fathers knew that we would fall for some con artist, demagogue at some point in the future, so they wisely created the electoral college, a group of actual human beings trusted upon to stop such a calamity.

I implore the folks of current electoral college recognize this election as a collective loss of sanity of less than a quarter of the population of this nation, and on December 19th put their votes towards the popular vote winner, Hillary Clinton. I realize that this is unlikely, but one can dream.

How did this happen?

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There are many factors involved. Lots of opportunity for pointing fingers and fighting amongst ourselves, which I will admit to being a party to….. Division: We are all in our own comfortable bubbles, digesting the information we are most comfortable with. For example, I never believed there was this much hate it this country because I didn't want to look at it; I knew it was there of course, but not at the level that it appears to be. Everyone wants to live where they feel they belong.

Amongst those that are like minded and reaffirm your very rightness. We even do this in our social media as well guilty again. This is what messed us up with the electoral college. You guys suck. Fear of the other: This country harbors more racism than I can comprehend.

The white people in this country seemed a little angry about the black man in the white house and the white men were staunchly determined not to have a woman white or not follow him. Which brings me to the reason why this update is relevant to this review and to this book for those who tell me that my opinion is unwarranted Is the United States a more racist country, or a more sexist country? View all comments. I do feel bad my dog pooped and peed Crystal Excellent review one of the best ever thank you. Sep 23, AM. Nov 25, Pollopicu rated it did not like it.

I guess Atwood doesn't believe in quotation marks.. I don't think I've ever come across a novel yet in which there is no distinction between the narrator and the character. It took me quite a while to get used to that type of style of writing. I had to go back and re-read sentences again and again, which doesn't really lend itself to a relaxing reading experience, and it slowed me down quite a bit.. First pages: Really annoying..

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Like when someone asks you, "guess which celebrity died today? That's how I felt reading this book. Kinda like Atwood was being childish about withholding the plot information because it gave her literary power and control over the reader, and keeps them hostage. Then I couldn't ignore this overwhelming feeling that the philosophy of this story was going to be something that didn't sit well with me.

However, I slowly realized it was just a typical novel, with no outstanding profundity whatsoever. In the back cover of " The Handmaids Tale ", it goes on to say: " Atwood takes many trends which exist today and stretches them to their logical and chilling It was probably noticed during one of those moments of frustration where I single-handedly flipped the book around wondering, "whatthefuckingfuck?

I'll give you a perfect example of how she used this "trend". I'm reading about women in habits, who seem to be pious and obedient, living in the Republic of Gilead. They walk with their heads bowed down, two by two whispering words to each other, such as "blessed be", "may the Lord Open" and "I receive with joy". And this goes on say for about pages or so. Then suddenly out of the blue you read, "He's fucking me".

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Now it's not that I don't like the word "fuck". Not as in "I like to fuck", but as in, "Fuck, my food is burning", or "Fuck, I got my period on the mattress again". So it's not like I'm a "fuck" prude, cause I'm not. It's just that it didn't seem to fit in with the theme of the book and it was cheaply thrown in for shock value to keep up with the "trend".

Now can anyone sit there and tell me Atwood couldn't have better and more eloquently described that scene?

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  8. Halfway through the book, I stopped and assessed what I had gotten from it so far.. It certainly had moments of intrigue, I give it that much. Of course it had to have had intrigue because it's a pretty popular book. But Atwood's writing from the beginning is so flawed. It's as if it went straight from her hands to publishing without being proof-read or edited. I'm not a writer, but I am a reader, and I think I'm certainly capable of recognizing whether a book flows or not, and this book just doesn't flow at all.

    And what pisses me off the very most is that Margaret Atwood is presently supposed to represent one of Canada's top leading modern authors.

    Making a difference

    Just because a book sells a lot doesn't mean squat. It's just a trend, a fad. I was like, WHAT!!??