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Geology of Ore Deposits

A Nature Research Journal. THE Malay Peninsula is of especial geological interest both academic and economic.

The primary facts regarding it are uncertain owing to the contradictory accounts of Mr. Scrivenor, the Government Geologist, Mr. Cameron, the former Government Economic Geologist, Dr. Jones, and Dr. It should close one of the controversies, for the author abandons his claim for the Permo-Carboniferous age and glacial origin of some boulder beds, and accepts them as modern alluvial deposits.

Ore Deposits: Origin, Exploration, and Exploitation

In other respects, however, the issues still remain obscure; for though Mr. Scrivenor remarks that the conclusions in Dr.

ORE DEPOSITS 101 - Part 3 - Porphyries, Skarns & IOCG

Rastall's recent papers should be used as a basis of discussion, he is obviously doubtful about them. The author's account does not carry conviction as to whether in Malaya there are two distinct series of granites, and whether some of it is of Upper Mesozoic age.

This unit builds upon knowledge gained in previous level Geology units.

The unit focusses on ore formation and economic and exploration aspects related to mineral deposits. Topics include magmatic crystallisation, late magmatic igneous hydrothermal activity, subvolcanic and volcanic activity, submarine exhalations, diagenesis, surficial processes and metamorphism.

ORE DEPOSIT GEOLOGY | American Mineralogist | GeoScienceWorld

Other theoretical aspects include fluid geochemistry. Practical work includes laboratory work and field excursions to a variety of mineral deposits. Identification of ore minerals, textures and paragenesis of mineral deposits from around the world using transmitted and reflected light microscopy and petrographic analysis of hand samples and drill core is undertaken during the intensive school.

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Overview Mapping closely to how ore deposit geology is now taught, this textbook systematically describes and illustrates the major ore deposit types, linking this to their settings in the crust, and the geological factors behind their formation. About the Author.