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Solar Batch Water Heaters – A tank in the Sun

Radiant floor heating is usually made by running heated water through tubes in the concrete or other flooring, preferably thermal mass which conducts heat rather than an insulator like wood which retards heat transference.

passive solar water heater diy design/plans/build

In a hybrid system you might find a passive solar water heater and insulated storage tank coupled with a hot water heating backup could be gas, electric, tankless hot water heater, or woodstove, boiler, etc. I stayed at the straw bale Studio room at the Black Range Lodge one time in Hillsboro, NM that had a radiant floor heating system and I was sold on this type of heating method from that point forward.

Where a passive solar system might keep it warm throughout, a hybrid system or even an active system would allow on-demand heat, and with R insulated walls it does not take much to heat up the space very quickly. A passive solar heating system example is those big flat rubberized panels that sit on a house roof to heat water for a swimming pool. Many of those are passive, which means they heat and then circulate via convection, which is a very slow process.

To heat a house this way would be harder to control, temperature-wise. A well-designed passive solar house, with a hybrid heating system, might be the best option, depending on the circumstances and design of the building and heating system. Solar water distillers take contaminated water and use the sun to purify through distillation, which is evaporation and condensation the water to make it potable.

Passive solar stills use no electricity whatsoever and do not require running water water pressure either. You simply put water in gravity feed or a hose and let it sit in the sun and it works by itself.

At the end of the day you have purified water, basically for free. The water is usually a neutral pH, and tastes great. Alternatively, I have been the not-so-proud owner of a forced-distillation countertop water distiller that plugged into the electric outlet. It used enormous amounts of electricity, boiled the water and condensed it, and although it was fast, the water tasted metallic and it had an acidic pH, which over time wreaked havoc on my stomach.

Solar Water Heaters: Five Hot Ones

We had to let the water cool, put it into bottles, and then aerate it and let it sit a while longer before drinking it, sometimes adding baking soda to make it more alkaline or neutral, and to make it taste better. Hill Kemp actually placed his prototype in my backyard in El Paso for a year or so, which helped him glean some initial findings for his still project. After removing the still, he moved on to build a bigger one in Alamogordo, NM. This kind of system is far too large for a single family dwelling, but it uses concepts that I had learned over time that far outdo the standard passive solar still, at least in way of the output of product water.

Today, although I am still a major fan of passive systems, especially for their simplicity and lowest expense factor, there is no doubt that sometimes a hybrid system comes available that is superior in some way, but only if it is not fully an active system, which is easy to spill over into if one is not careful. People in general, I have noticed, somehow love to make things far more complicated than they need to be. As for me, and my house, I will always choose passive solar first, definitely hybrid systems on occasion, and active last.

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Free Updates Newsletter! Recent Posts. Active Solar Active solar is the opposite, where electricity is typically involved and it also runs by mechanical means. Hybrid solar systems Hybrid solar systems are a combination of the two systems named above. Written April When active solar attempts to match passive solar, the differences yielded between them are great. Besides heavy insulation in the box behind the glazing there should be a reflective interior facing the tank. Cole and Wing This is what Mr.

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Cole and Wing This brings us to Indirect-gain or mass wall systems placed between a glazing and the living space. Breaking New Ground. Boston, N. Hybrid radiant floor heating Radiant floor heating is usually made by running heated water through tubes in the concrete or other flooring, preferably thermal mass which conducts heat rather than an insulator like wood which retards heat transference.

Solar Water Distiller Alternatively, I have been the not-so-proud owner of a forced-distillation countertop water distiller that plugged into the electric outlet. These materials increase the weight, cost to say nothing about the additional installation expenses. Saving the planet is a great idea, but saving money is an even greater idea so having a used water tank painted black to absorb more solar heat as part of a DIY solar hot water system is also good.

Batch water heating has several advantages that makes it useful in the appropriate situations and can be a good low cost investment for heating water for a household of 2 to 4 people. But since the batch collector holds your hot water storage on the roof overnight, it is essential that the storage box is fully glazed and sealed and have only about one third of the collectors tubing exposed above the insulation to prevent convection of the hot water back into the atmosphere, acting as a sort of radiator in reverse.

The best place to position your solar water heater is in the back yard, and home-owners can install the units by themselves on the ground floor. This will allow you to have easy access to it when you need to. If you live in the northern hemisphere you should angle it facing south. This will ensure that it gets the maximum benefit and more sunlight. Naturally you need to locate it somewhere were it will not be affected by any shade or obstructions.

Solar Water Heater Design and Plans | Passive and Active Systems

Another good tip for saving costs is to place it as near to your electric or gas water heater as you can to reduce the required plumbing. If your installing your own DIY collector, it will also make your project a lot simpler for you. One of the main disadvantages of a solar batch water heater is freeze protection. As a solar batch water heater contains large volumes of water, they should generally only be installed in milder climates due to the outdoor pipes freezing in cold weather.

When used in freezing temperatures most people will empty them during the colder winter months or whenever there is a chance of the pipes freezing. The frame fails to cover the top of the tubes which will lead to rain damage if you install it outside in inclement weather. The buyer circumvented this issue by purchasing weather stripping. While 5 gallons is not much water, you can expand the system by including more units. You can heat the water in as few as 4 hours if used with their solar water heater pump.

The tubes heat water at a rate of watts. If can increase the temperature of input water by 37 degrees if the water is being circulated at a flow rate of 5 gallons per hour.

How to design passive solar water heater?

Each unit is made of copper manifold pipes with continuous u-bends, minimizing space and maximizing efficiency. The system can handle up to psi , which is suitable for most city supply water. However, closed systems, like those used in remote locations, must be installed with a relief valve. Overall, installation is fairly painless and requires little assembly. It provides every bit and bob necessary for DIY installation, which saves money and resources. Not only that, but each product is of great quality and offers a host of features and functions.

Dulley: Passive solar water heating system provides good payback

One of the highlights is the controller that allows for heating of two separate zones. This means you can heat your water tank for showers while also providing heat to a swimming pool. And should the weather fail you, the tank comes with a 4. Unfortunately, there are no direct consumer reviews for this kit. The kit also includes a number of different brands. This solar water heating kit includes everything you need to set up an advanced residential system without a solar installation company.

However, the Northern Lights Group compiles and certifies the kit, which is a company that provides solar solutions for DIY homeowners. This is a huge bonus for homeowners. The tank has a built-in heat exchanger with a 4. The company offers free technical support if you encounter challenges during installation.

How to Build a Passive Solar Water Heater

Overall, this is one of the most comprehensive kits on the market. There a bunch of different types of solar water heater systems available on the market so choosing the right model can be daunting. However, each system is specifically for a specific task , whether that be heating a pool or providing hot water for showers.

As with other solar products, the local climate effects the efficiency of your unit.