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Struggle to reveal my talents and make useful stuff but working on it.

Big experience in iOS development. Dozens of submitted apps.

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Development from scratch, support and refactoring of big long-term projects. Direct communication with customers, mentorship of juniors, conducting technical interviews. Can work both as a single developer without supervision and in a team.

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Have serious attitude to work. Teacher and Mentor on iOS Development courses.

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Will gladly join a serious team with smart and reliable management to create some serious stuff! Very attracted for the possibility to mentor younger developers in the team.

Swift only. Worked on Swift to create mobile application in IOS.

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Worked with GIT to merge the code and pull changes on the working branch. Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Har'kov. While developing for iOS I had been working on four projects using Swift, one project I created independently, and the other three applications I developed as a team member.

Singleton Design Pattern In Objective-C

The implementation looks like this:. Some developers are critical of Singletons for various reasons. We will examine this critique and discuss ways to address them briefly. The criticisms, for the most part, fall into two categories:. To avoid these complications, when considering the Singleton pattern, you should make certain that the class is a Singleton.

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Also, while thinking of designing the Singleton design pattern, keep testing in mind and use dependency injection whenever possible — that is, try to pass the Singleton as a parameter to the initializer whenever possible. To read more about various other Design patterns and practice examples, you can follow the link to my book Reactive programming in Swift 4. Learn Forum News. Tweet this to your followers.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of the Singleton design pattern

These patterns are simple and elegant solutions that have evolved over time and may have become generally accepted as the best way to address certain design challenges. Singletons may often be modeled as a server within the application that accepts requests to send, store, or retrieve data and configure the resource state. The project setup looks like this so far: Then we added a class method called sharedInstance as discussed earlier since this is how the class will make the Singleton available.

Singleton design pattern — Pros and cons Singletons are not the answer to every problem. Bjorn Chambless is a devotee of Open-Source and Unix development tools; the first Linux kernel he installed was 1.

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For the last 5 years Bjorn has been working almost exclusively as an iOS developer. He has written or contributed to numerous iPhone and iPad apps including: Vernier Graphical Analysis, Cirque du Soleil, CoPatient and a number of enterprise apps for Philips Electronics - primarily iPad apps for trade-shows. Bjorn is currently part of a 3-man iOS design and development shop called Built Light.