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The art of conversation is rapidly becoming forgotten, although it is the one skill that has the ability to impact an outcome over almost everything else.

Using the right words at the right time can be the difference between success or failure in any given moment. How certain are you that you are making those moments count? Everybody has something to sell even if it is just a change in attitude and the only solution for long-term success is to create an environment where everybody wins.

Every person in every business has something to sell. Helping people to truly understand how they can positively impact on the decision making process, drive results AND maintain integrity empowers people to really achieve. He is by no means your typical business speaker.

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By teaching the exact word choices to increase influence and persuasion, audiences walk away with a new perception of sales. Having delivered over 2, presentations in over 50 countries across five continents, you have the confidence of working with a seasoned professional with an enviable track record that is committed to adding tremendous value to your event. The sales guide for non-sales professionals.

I loved it read it twice and recommend you read it, buy it for your team and watch your sales increase. THE playbook for everyone with a great idea, everyone with a goal in mind, and everyone with a specific destination but no journey.

12 Days of Declarations for the Go-Getter (Teresa's Words of Inspiration, Dec. 19)

Change your words. Time and again, there are study findings released that demonstrate that people want to know that their efforts matter, if not also why they should care about our vision [ Share on Twitter ]. They want to understand the connections between their efforts and the larger shared purpose that defines why we do what we do. We have to remember that our words can either inspire greatness, or they can extinguish the potential of those we lead [ Share on Twitter ].

This is exactly what we see in both of these stories where saying things — or not saying things — that seem so simple and so obvious can have the biggest impact on both our ability to succeed, and on our ability to retain those who are critical to our long-term growth and prosperity.

The Power Of Words – The Impact

Rather, it was about making them feel heard and understood; that he recognized the impact the climate of uncertainty this giant merger was creating in our workplace. All that was needed to keep employees invested in our organization was a simple acknowledgement — you matter to me and I care about your future. Indeed, the power of our words is that it gives people a choice — a choice to either want to commit their discretionary efforts to the vision we propose, or to pull back and withhold the very talents, creativity, and insights that are increasingly critical to our long-term prosperity and ability to adapt.

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