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I've already decided to buy a few copies to offer as prizes for a student poster session, and give to my favorite graduating seniors. Mathematics professors could assign individual chapters or parts of chapters as projects in calculus, differential equations, modeling, and perhaps some other classes. I can imagine using the book as a text for a seminar, independent study, or thesis. The references could lead to advanced explorations. I can also imagine generating a series of math club talks again, following through on some of the references as well led by students.

And, in case I haven't made it perfectly clear, every mathematically inclined colleague, relative or friend will thoroughly enjoy this delicious book. Minimums, Maximums, Derivatives, and Computers 1 1. The First Extremal Problems 37 2. Medieval Maximization and Some Modern Twists 71 3.

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They are four "gaping" parallelepipeds at the edges of the post one such is is invisible. The volume of each of these four little posts is Now the panels we applied earlier to the lateral faces of the cube stick out beyond the height of the post by eight little panels one of which is in Figure 6. This completes the solution of the auxiliary problem. We recall that in the previous story we investigated a somewhat more general problem by algebraic means.

The rest of the proof is very simple.

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In every cylinder one can inscribe a post and the ratio of their volumes-in this order-is constant and equal to check this. This means that the cylinder of largest volume inscribed in a sphere is the one in which we can inscribe a cube. And in such a cylinder the ratio of base diameter to height is After proving this theorem Kepler wrote: From this it is clear that, when making a barrel, Austrian barrelmakers, as if guided by common and geometric sense, take as the radius of a bottom a third of the length of a stave.

When this is done, the cylinder constructed in the mind between two bottoms will consist of two halves, each of which will be close to the conditions of theorem V and will thus have maximal capacity even if one deviated somewhat from the exact rules during the making of the barrel, because figures closed to the optimal change their capacity very little. This is so because near a maximum the decrements on both sides are in the beginning only imperceptible. Kepler's concluding words contain the fundamental algorithm for finding extrema that was later shaped into an exact theorem.

First described for polynomials by Fermat and then, in general form, by Newton and Leibniz, this algorithm was later called "Fermat's theorem. Balk's article, "The secret of the old barrelmaker" p. It turns out that this is not so. Hilbert Acta Eruditorum, 1 By competing with one another they create powerful methods for the solution of problems that later offer great service to science. This was the case with Johann Bernoulli's problem. Its author stated it as follows: Let two points A and B Figure 7. Find the curve that a point M , moving on a path AMB must follow such that, starting from A , it reaches B in the shortest time under its own gravity.

How unfair! All modem natural science "issued" from Galileo. Not only did he discover the fundamental laws of mechanics, but Galileo also was the first to to Nature. The present stage of the development of science began when Galileo ascended the tower of Pisa to ask Nature about the laws of falling bodies. Galileo experimented with inclined planes and, apparently, also with circular chutes. Of Galileo's two assertions on motions along circular arcs, only one is true: a motion along an arc is faster than one along a chord.

The claim about the equality of time intervals is only approximately correct, and, as it turned out later, this fact is intimately related to Bernoulli 's problem. Be that as it may, Galileo's assertion, and his assertion that serves as an epigraph for this story, both must face Bernoulli's question: which curve corresponds to the time interval, that is, which curve is the Greek for quickest?

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Many authors upbraid Galileo for having mistakenly claimed that a circular arc is a brachistochrone. However, it is conceivable that we have overlooked some such pronouncement of his. Many mathematicians responded to Johann Bernoulli's "invitation. There was also an anonymous solution identified by experts as provided by Newton who later admitted that it took him hours of uninterrupted reflection to arrive at a solution.

Ex tell a lion by his claw was Johann Bernoulli's comment on Newton's solution. All of these mathematicians arrived at the same conclusion. A cycloid is the path described by a point on a circle that rolls without sliding on a straight line. Let's derive its equation. Let I be a horizontal line and let a circle with radius R and center roll along I. Suppose that at time zero the point to be observed is the point of contact of the circle and the line I. We denote it by A 0.

Consider the rectangular coordinate system with A 0 as origin and I as x-axis Figure We wish to determine the position of A 0 following a clockwise rotation of the circle through rp. | TARIT GOSWAMI -

To this end we mark on the original circle the point A rp such that the angle A rp OA 0 is rp. When the circle will have turned through an angle rp , A rp will be the new point of contact with the line I. Since the length of the arc from A 0 to A rp is Rrp , this will be the abscissa of the new position of the center of the circle.

The new position of the point A 0 will be such that the "new version" of the angle A 0 0A rp is again rp. What is so remarkable about this curve? How did it arise? He called it cycloid, meaning "circle-related. The main curves studied in antiquity were the circle and the conics, that is, the ellipse, the hyperbola, and the parabola, curves which turned up in the works of Appolonius. We should also mention the quadratrix, the cissoid, the conchoid, and the spiral. Luckily, the first laws of mechanics did not go beyond this supply of curves; the planets move along ellipses, and thrown objects describe parabolic arcs.

The best mathematicians of the seventeenth century including, in addition to those named previously, Viviani, Torricelli, and some others perfected their new methods of investigation on the cycloid; they obtained tangents to it, determined areas under it, computed the length of its arcs, and so on. Then came the second marvel. The cycloid became the first "nonancient" curve connected with the laws of nature.

This equal-time property of the cycloid was discovered by Huygens, and produced a long-lasting sensation. Huygens himself wrote that "The most desirable fruit, a kind of high point of Galileo's teaching about falling bodies, is my discovery of the property of the cycloid.

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Let's now solve the problem. All of them were of great interest. Leibniz used a method which was further developed by Euler its essence can be surmised from Leibniz's letter to Johann Bernoulli quoted in the sequel. But the most popular solution has been that found by the author of the problem. It has been reproduced in countless books, and we too will reproduce it here.

From mechanics, we know Galileo's law which asserts that the velocity of a body at a point with coordinates x , x , in a frictionless motion under gravity, is independent of the form of the curve tautochrone variations. B downward-directed 7.