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Exchange pieces when you're ahead in material

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Winning Exchanges ⚔ Knights vs Bishops

Petrosian Tactics Time! Exchange Sacrifice: Spassky vs.

Caro-Kann Defense – Exchange Variation (and how to punish it!) ⎸Chess Openings

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Winning Exchanges ⚔ Knights vs Bishops | Tiger Lilov's Chess School

White has exchanged a Rook 5 points for a Rook and a Pawn 6 points. He has come out ahead by a Pawn in the trade. Chess Counting Counting is all about evaluating potential exchanges to see whether you come out ahead or behind. White to move.

Chess Counting

Does Rxd5 win a pawn? Back - Next. Introduction - What Are Tactics? Piece Safety - Exercises 1 - Exercises 2. Counting - Exercises 1 - Exercises 2.

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Tactical Motifs Introduction. The Fork - Exercises.