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Like something witches might use for their spells.

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I did not pick any, as they are so small. Mary shook her head, and her voice lost a little of its enthusiasm. For his part Cuff knew only that there was a sort of understanding between miss and the captain, and that he, old Cuff, meant to help it along. The help he provided was of a particular nature.

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The two young people wished to maintain a correspondence, but they could not do so openly. Mary had also coached him in a likely story should a letter be queried, for she had no confidence in his innate powers of deception. It was all very difficult. She had not actually seen Holland for more than six months, and their communications in the meantime had been very sparse.

Indeed, he seemed to hesitate over every line. His efforts had also been restricted, however, by circumstances beyond his control. He held a staff appointment at the regimental headquarters at Woolwich—a place known as the Warren—but in November he had been sent to Gibraltar, ostensibly to oversee an extension to the great siege tunnels. This had not been the only, or even the primary, reason for his employment there, but the epistolary effect had been the same—the mail did not travel very quickly between Gibraltar and Suffolk, and there was always the chance that shipwreck or enemy action might disrupt it altogether.

She could hardly answer his cautious reports, in which details of fortress routine featured prominently, with wild displays of emotion.

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Her letters must mirror his, with accounts of her days at Lindham Hall, or the progress of her legal affairs, or references to the weather. Nor could she reply too promptly. If he waited a month between letters then so must she. None of this was the result of indifference or coquetry on her part, but rather a halfunderstood notion that she must not commit herself any further than she had done. What did she really know of Captain Holland, after all? A correspondence like theirs was not strictly proper—not proper at all, in fact—and people who did improper things often suffered for them, or at least were found out.

And being found out, especially whilst she was under Mrs.

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Squaring her shoulders and lifting her chin, the latter a particular gesture of decision, Mary told herself not to think about Captain Holland and informed Cuff that she must go inside. They parted on those wise words, Mary to the Hall, where she intended to arrange her flowers, and Cuff to the stables to give the harnesses a thorough clean, by which he meant that he was going to have a nap.

Mary pushed the heavy front door closed behind her, kicked off her old boots, and retrieved the neat leather slippers she had left in the passage. She had promised Mrs.

Tipton to give up ineligible footwear, but with a private exception for gardening, long walks, and any activity that might prove particularly wet or muddy. Having made the necessary change, she dropped her boots into the large urn that held a collection of walking sticks, a sword that had allegedly seen action at the Battle of Sedgemoor, and Mrs.

It was from the pantry, therefore, that Mary emerged some time later, clutching two jugs of tastefully arranged spring flowers. One she placed on the sideboard in the entrance hall, and the other she carried into the parlor. As Mary crossed the room Mrs.

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Tipton awakened. She was a small, sharp, imperious old lady, and she blinked at Mary from behind steelrimmed spectacles. I hope you are pleased with them? The garden is looking lovely in the sunshine. And where is Mr.

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He ought to have been helping Peggy to lift the stair carpet, but I expect he has made himself scarce, as he generally does on such occasions. Servants getting above themselves, and people unwilling to take a firm hand. And what has been the result? Revolutions, and guillotines, and now this fellow Bonaparte. Well, I shall soon put an end to it. We shall have no Rights of Man at Lindham Hall, nor any other nonsense. Heaven help us if we go the way of the French—the whole country in an uproar and men taking off their breeches. Tipton repeated, her eyes flashing. She disliked being interrupted.

In fact. Young persons were impressionable, after all. But little does she know that Winter lives a double life, as a masked vigilante determined to protect his community, even with violence.

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Edenbrooke , by Julianne Donaldson Marianne Daventry is bored with her life—so when her sister invites her to a country estate that promises to have some adventure, she jumps at the chance. While Cecily seduces the heir of Edenbrooke, she will enjoy her freedom. Except when she arrives, an innocent flirtation leads her to more adventure than she bargained for. Arabella , by Georgette Heyer Penned by the acknowledged original queen of Regency, this romance features a strong-willed heroine who, on her way to London, finds herself indisposed outside the home of Robert Beaumaris.

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However, if she had a husband, he could vote for her…enter Nicholas Dymond, brother of the candidate, who will do anything to help him win, including ensuring Phoebe finds a husband. But when an attraction grows between them, more than just politics is at stake. But complications arise when a kidnapped woman is brought to him and he decides to avenge her—because its more than just king and country he winds up fighting for, but her heart. Lucien Vaudrey has been exiled to China for twenty years. But his brother and father die in mysterious circumstances, and he has inherited both their titles, and their enemies.

Stephen Day is a magician approached by the new Lord Crane to help him exact vengeance—and soon, as the magic of love forms between them, their relationship becomes more than just business. Will is below Susannah in all the ways that matter in the aristocracy—but focusing on solving the case becomes difficult when their attraction rises to the surface. But what begins as Kate interfering becomes her hoping that Anthony might choose her instead….

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When she is rescued from robbers by Catesby Burgoyne, a marriage of convenience seems perfect for both of them. She is discovered by Sir Richard Wyndham, who vows to protect her. But when Lt. Fleeing London society for a setting where she is less notorious, Camille teaches at an orphanage and lives with her grandmother. She meets Joel Cunningham, who is charged with painting her portrait. What begins as a fiery, abrasive relationship—as he once had feelings for her half-sister— soon turns to passion.

The most notorious of them all is that he is incapable of love. Richard Howard, Bonaparte's Avengers , about a sergeant in charge of a squadron of dragoons during Napoleon's campaign against Prussia; 5 in the Alain Lausard series. Richard Howard, Bonaparte's Horsemen , about a sergeant in charge of a squadron of dragoons during Napoleon's disastrous Russian campaign; 6 in the Alain Lausard series. Alexander Kent, Midshipman Bolitho and the 'Avenger' , about a young midshipman in the British Navy who goes home to Cornwall for Christmas to find his community beset with smuggling, ship wrecking and witchcraft; 2 in the Richard Bolitho series included with 1 and 3 in Midshipman Bolitho ; Alexander Kent is the pen name of Douglas Reeman, who served in the British Royal Navy.

Alexander Kent, Form Line of Battle! Alexander Kent, Enemy in Sight! Alexander Kent, Signal - Close Action! Alexander Kent, A Tradition of Victory , about a British naval officer torn between the call of duty and his personal life after eight years of war with France; 16 in the Richard Bolitho series; Alexander Kent is the pen name of Douglas Reeman, who served in the British Royal Navy.

Alexander Kent, Colours Aloft!

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Alexander Kent, Cross of St. George , about a British naval officer in the waters off Nova Scotia as American privateers continue to harass British ships after the War of ; 24 in the Richard Bolitho series; Alexander Kent is the pen name of Douglas Reeman, who served in the British Royal Navy. Alexander Kent, Relentless Pursuit , about a British naval officer who sails to African waters to assist in the campaign against the slave trade; 27 in the Richard Bolitho series; Alexander Kent is the pen name of Douglas Reeman, who served in the British Royal Navy.

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Dewey Lambdin, H. Cockerel , about a pleasure-loving officer in the British navy; 6 in the Alan Lewrie series.